About Us

Our Journey: Incepted in the early 2000s in the vibrant Bay Area of California, VintageAudioStore.com has since been a beacon for vintage audio enthusiasts. Now, proudly based in the historic St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, we continue our passionate journey in preserving and sharing the golden era of audio.

Our Collection: Specializing in vintage audio equipment mainly from the 1950s to the 1990s, our inventory boasts a range of manuals, speakers, parts, receivers, and amplifiers. Each piece resonates with history, echoing the craftsmanship and sonic nuances of its time.

Our Legacy: What truly sets VintageAudioStore.com apart is our unique collection sourced from iconic stereo stores that have since closed their doors. By acquiring extensive collections over the years, we've curated an array of gems that are both rare and in-demand, catering to both collectors and audiophiles alike.

Visit Us: While our online presence allows us to connect with vintage audio aficionados worldwide, we warmly invite you to our physical location in St. Johns. Whether you're looking to pick up an order, browse our collection in person, or simply chat about the good old days of audio, our doors are always open.

Looking to Sell Your Equipment?

We understand the sentimental and historic value of vintage audio equipment. If you have pieces you're considering parting with, we do purchase equipment on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to us; let's discuss how we can help preserve and share your piece of audio history.